2012 Convention Tickets Still Avaliable

The clock is ticking and we are down to less than one month to the beginning of the 2012 NRHS Convention - being held in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

For those who have not yet registered or are comtemplating coming to the convention, tickets are still available for almost all events and train classes. Sales will continue through the NRHS website until June 8th. After that date, tickets will be available at the NRHS Help Desk in Cedar Rapids beginning the evening of June 17th. A limited number of ticket upgrades will also be available at the convention. You can check with the NRHS Help Desk during any of its regular hours.

Ticket Information:

For those wondering about the consist of the trains operating at the convention, here are some details.

  • 54-seat coach Wenona owned by Friends of 261
  • 54-seat coach Nokomis owned by Friends of 261
  • 59-seat coach Lake Pepin owned by Friends of 261
  • 76-seat coach Franklin Inn owned by NRHS Washingto DC Chapter
  • Snack Car/coach Braddock Inn owned by NRHS C.P.Huntington Chapter
  • 42-seat club/lounge NYC No. 38 owned by NRHS C.P.Huntington Chapter
  • 60-seat dome lounge Sky View owned by High Iron Travel
  • 50-seat dome lounge Super Dome No. 53 owned by Friends of 261
  • 28-seat Skytop lounge Cedar Rapids owned by Friends of 261

Tickets are by class of service and passengers may ride in any car of that class. The convention plans have made sure that there are plenty of seats available in each class, even if there are mechanical issues. Head end power will be provided by Iowa Northern No. 461, former Amtrak No. 266, recently rebuilt as a F40PHR.

Please join the NRHS for this once in a lifetime opportunity to experience midwestern railroading.