2015 Heritage Preservation Grant Awards

The National Railway Historical Society (NRHS) has announced nine recipients of its annual National Railway Heritage Grants program. The 2015 grants total $13,000 and are awarded to organizations such as historical societies, museums and NRHS Chapters.

This year's grants were given to the following recipients:

$1,000 to the Old Dominion Chapter in Richmond, VA to install adequate lighting to properly display the various artifacts, drawings and equipment owned by the Old Dominion Chapter-owned Richmond Railroad Museum.

$1,000 to the Mid Continent Railroad Museum in North Freedom, WI for the exterior renovation of the East Jordan and Southern combination car 2, built in 1864.

$1,500 to the Rural Retreat Depot Foundation, in Rural Retreat, VA, to create museum/event apace by rehab/restoring entry doors and windows on the historic Norfolk & Western Rural Retreat Depot, retaining the 1949 configuration and style.

$2,000 to the New England Electric Railway Historical Society in Kennebunkport, ME, to restore the exterior of the 1912 Portland Lewiston Interurban No. 14, Narcissus.

$1,500 to the National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, WI, to restore CB&Q #30 dynamometer car to operational status.

$1,500 to the Rutland Region Chamber of Commerce in Rutland, VT, to support the construction of a necessary and required shelter over historic 1913 Rutland #551 passenger rail car.

$1,500 to the Historical Society of Windham County in Newfane, VT, for the restoration of the 1880 Newfane railroad station, for the purpose of creating a Museum of the West River Railroad.

$1,000 to the Alexander Chapter, NRHS in Hickory, NC, to purchase the final, necessary materials (wood, steel, engine parts, bearings) to restore a narrow gauge maintenance-of-way gang car that was built and used by the East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad.

$2,000 to the Maine Narrow Gauge Museum in Portland, ME, to restore an original Caboose Waycar #557 - a 24-foot long caboose built in 1913 by the Maine Central Railroad's Waterville Shops for the 2-foot gauge Sandy River & Rangeley Lakes Railroad.