Atlantic Coast Line Locomotive No. 1504, Jacksonville, Fla.


Manufactured in 1919 by the American Locomotive Company in Richmond, Virginia, Atlantic Coast Line locomotive no. 1504 has significance as one of the few remaining engines constructed under the direction of the United States Railroad Administration; it was designated a National Historic Mechanical Engineering Landmark in 1990. The coal-burning steam engine spent most of its career pulling passenger trains between Richmond and Jacksonville. It has been on display outdoors for over 50 years and is rapidly deteriorating.


Widely considered one of the Southeast’s most important railroad resources, no. 1504 represents the plight of park locomotives across the nation left exposed to the elements, whose maintenance needs outpace the allotted resources. Once restored, the long-term goal is protection from the elements and possible relocation to a more visible site. For more information or to donate, contact the North Florida NRHS Chapter at or mail the chapter care of President John S. Holmgren at P.O. Box 16493, Jacksonville, FL, 32245-6493.

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