NRHS Presents Centennial Plaque at Grand Central Terminal’s 100th Birthday Party

NRHS took part in the centennial celebration for Grand Central Terminal in New York City, adding the famed railroad cathedral to its National Register of Historic Railroad Landmarks. In honor of the designation, an 18’ by 24’ bronze plaque was unveiled at the terminal’s 100th anniversary celebration on February 1. The plaque is mounted near the doors to the customer waiting area and stationmaster's office.

NRHS officials participated in the day-long tribute, which included presentations and remarks from celebrities, elected officials and the preservation community. Global Director Walter Zullig, Jr., National Director Mia Mather and New York Chapter President Albert Papp, Jr., presented an award to George Monasterio, Metro-North’s chief architect, and Karen Timko, the railroad’s director of environmental compliance. The actual plaque was too large to be on stage, so a smaller certificate filled in during the presentation.

Grand Central Terminal is the 18th landmark announced by NRHS since the register was created in 1959 to recognize uniquely historic railroad structures and equipment. Other sites include: Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania, Union Station in Portland, Oregon, the B&O Museum and Mount Clare Shops in Baltimore, Maryland, the Southern Railway Station in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Chicago Union Station in Illinois.

Grand Central is not only a magnificent landmark, but it is said to be the second largest tourist attraction in New York City -- second only to Times Square,” said Zullig. “It has been beautifully restored and we felt that it was especially appropriate to recognize this building in the year of its 100th anniversary. Today the terminal sees over 700,000 people a day and is a tribute to the foresight of the engineers and architects who designed and built it over 100 years ago.”

Photo: NRHS and Metro-North officials join in Grand Central Terminal’s Centennial Celebration event on February 1, 2013. They include (left to right): Walter Zullig, Jr., Global Director & Chair of the Historic Plaque Committee; George Monasterio, Metro-North's Chief Architect; Mia Mather, National Director; Albert Papp, Jr., President of the New York Chapter; and Karen Timko, Metro-North Director of Environmental Compliance. The actual bronze plaque is on display near the stationmaster's office. Photo by Joseph M. Calisi