Stewartstown Railroad, York County, Pa.


The Stewartstown Railroad is an example of a farmers' railroad that once served the agricultural and light manufacturing interests of a largely rural area of southern York County. Seven significant railroad structures along the 7.4-mile line have been listed in the National Register of Historic Places and the line itself is eligible for inclusion in the National Register. Freight operations ceased in 1992 and passenger excursion operations ceased in 2004. The railroad still holds its original charter of 1884, never having merged with another railroad or been subject to a corporate reorganization. This is the only such operation to survive to the present day.


The Stewartstown Railroad's long-term survival is threatened by a lien placed against it by a former shareholder. Deferred maintenance, vandalism and the effects of rapid residential and commercial development add to the threat and are concerns shared by rural heritage railroads across the country. Donations can be sent to The Friends of the Stewartstown Railroad, Inc. – visit

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